First gel manicure


Yesterday i tried giving myself a gel manicure for the first time, and i would say that it was a success!. I used a sensationail kit that i received for Christmas. As far as i know you can get kits from boots, in a range of different sizes. The kit i got came with a mini LED lamp (with plug) big enough to do 4 fingers at once, 2 different coloured gel polishes, 1 base and top coat gel polish, 1 bottle of nail cleanser, 1 bottle of nail primer, 1 nail file and buffer, 1 manicure stick, 2 packets of cleansing cloths, 2 tubes of glitter (gold and silver), and 1 removal tool.

the first step that i took was to file my nails, clean my cuticles, and lightly buff the surface of the nail. this makes the gel adhere to the nail more securely. i then use the nail cleanser and the lint free cleansing cloths to remove any dust or dirt on the nail. i apply the first, thin coat of the gel base and top coat to my thumb before curing in the lamp for 30 seconds. i repeated with the rest of my hand. i cured my thumb first to stop the gel leaking to the skin around my nails whilst i paint the other nails. if gel does get on your skin use the wooden manicure stick to remove it. after that i applied the colour gel polish and cured for 60 seconds between each coat. the box suggests using 2 coats of the colour polish but i ended up using 3 thin coats. the top of the nail will be sticky after curing. it is important to not clean this residue off, as it helps each coat stick. this residue is a good reason why you should paint your nails at a clean table as lint and dust can and will stick to the nails. i finished each nail with a thicker coat of base and top coat. i finally cleaned the nail with the cleanser and cloths.

to apply the metal stud on the middle finger nail i first tried to apply it when applying the final coat of base and top coat but i found it difficult to get it straight, and to keep it still in the gel. i then tried applying it with nail glue. it was a lot smoother to go on and it was a lot easier to work with.

the appearance of the gel is shiny and hard though i found on some of the nails the gel is bubbly. this might be due to application or how the gel is stored, or the age of it. i will see how long the nails last!. i will be using this set again and are looking into getting some new colours. i definitely recommend this, as its very easy to do, its quick, and it is supposed to last at least 2 weeks which is good for those whom don’t have time to do their nails all the time, and cannot afford to get them done in salons.


  One thought on “First gel manicure

  1. November 2, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Looks really pretty – I am yet to try gels on myself, I just don’t think I could be bothered with the removal – ha!x


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