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New year, same me

At the beginning of every year, you hear a lot of new year resolutions and a lot of the phrase ‘new year, new me’. This year I’ve decided that the me that I am right now is good enough, and is capable enough, so I’m embracing this. That isn’t to say that I won’t be making resolutions, but I’ll be…

Some of my Christmas favourites

So, Christmas is one of the most loved times of year, and a lot of people have their own favourite ways to prepare and celebrate. I’m definitely someone who HAS to do certain things around this time of year, and are drawn towards things more than in other months. One of these things are candles. Throughout most of the year…

My blogging comeback

My last blog post was back in mid July, which means it’s only been a few weeks, but a lot has changed for me in those weeks. The main reason I took a break from blogging was because I’d started having job interviews and I was putting all of my effort into those and keeping my house sorted. I’d been…

The Blogger Tag – LipsNailsLife

I’ve been really into my blogging at the moment, but I realised that a lot of my followers, and the people who read my blog, don’t know much about me. I’ve seen a bunch of these bloggers tags, I’m also doing the beauty bloggers tag, but I thought I should start of with this one, that introduces me a bit…

Gift list for Fathers day

Fathers day is coming up this month and having been gifting my dad on this day for quite a few years now, I thought making a list of different things that you all might like to purchase would be nice. None of the items on the list are from a company that sponsors me, they’re just things that I have…

The beauty of a walk

Not so long ago, my brother created a blog (Less than average) where he talks about mental health and it really inspired me to appreciate the little things in life, like going for walks. I’ve always been a fan of going for walks, I think it runs in my family. Since moving in with my boyfriend we’ve talked about all…

The amazing relaxation spots in Wiltshire.

The amazing relaxation spots in Wiltshire. The amazing relaxation spots in Wiltshire. — Read on My brother talks a little bit about the countryside where I’m originally from. Definitely worth a read!

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