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Red glitter pond mani

It had been a while since I’d done a pond mani, and I wanted to try something other than white dots, so that’s where the idea of glitter came from. Plus, red and partly is definitely Christmassy. The red polish is from W7 and it’s part of their jelly bean range. It’s called sun kissed tangerine, which makes me feel…

BarryM Molten metals ‘gold rush’

As much as I am a great lover of nail varnish (as my name probably shows) I’ve never been the type to buy the newest thing just to have it, which makes my polish collection still quite small. I only really buy a polish if its either really unique or really shiny, so when I saw this new BarryM molten…

A year with Birchbox; Is it worth the money?

So as of December I had been subscribed to birch-box for a whole year, and it was really fun and nice to receive a little present every month, and even more as I had had a free years subscription thanks to winning a competition. I thought, before I plainly move onto another subscription box, I’d give a quick overview of…

W7 unicorn nail polish swatches+review

Hi all! On a recent trip to B&M I picked up 4 of the 5 Unicorn collection polishes from W7. They didn’t have all 5 in stock when I went, but knowing me, I wouldn’t have picked up the fifth anyway. When I grabbed these, they were £1.99, but on the W7 website they are £4.95. All of the polishes…

Primark PS Neon Trio & Holographic top coat

So, I know these polishes have been out for ages, and truth be told, I bought them not long after they came out, this is just one of those blog posts I never got round to writing, but I feel like I can’t put it off any longer considering next year this will be old news, and they aren’t really…

Spa break at The Vale Resort

For my birthday, my boyfriend and I received a spa break package from his parents. This package includes a whole day  at the spa and a 55 minute treatment of our choice, an evening meal, a night stay at the hotel and breakfast the next morning. now our birthdays were both in April, but due to it being difficult to…

Nail art collab & going back to school

I’m in a nail art collab group and the theme for this month was going back to school, obviously. This is the giant collage of everyone’s work. There were so many people involved in this, and it was a really fun topic for me. Me being 21, I haven’t been to school in years, but this past weekend (12th &…

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