Loreal infallible longer shaping stick review

I bought this foundation not long after it came out, and have since only used it a handful of times. I think I was excited about the stick foundation form, especially from the drugstore. This foundation is said to be highly pigmented, has a creamy formula, is super blendable,  super buildable, 24 hour lasting wear, and is available in 12…

The secret to glowing skin? Superdrug jam face mask.

I’ve been really into using Vitamin C on my skin lately, having heard the amazing benefits it has on the skin. I’d picked up a Vitamin C serum from the superdrug own brand, not expecting it to work miracles, but hoping it would make my skin glow a bit more. After a few months of using this, and really enjoying…

Pop of colour! summer eye look

I have a habit of either going all out with colour, or going full neutral when it comes to eye looks. I’ve seen a lot of people do nude eye looks and inserting a pop of colour in there somewhere, and I thought I should finally have a go. One of my favourite ways that people insert colour into their…

Revolution newtrals 2: a warm tone lovers heaven.

I’d been pondering over whether to buy this palette or not for a while, I was really in love with the warm tones. I love me a warm eye look with bronzy skin, so it was really hard to put off buying this. It being only £4 makes it even more tempting. I eventually gave in and bought this, and…

Saturday afternoon shop; My first haul!

So, My boyfriend and my brother travelled to Cardiff on Saturday to watch the cricket, and I had to pick my dad up a fathers day gift (I wrote a blog post about gifts and still managed to put it off till the last minute) so I went along too. It took me all of about 10 minutes to get…

My skin but better; Natural glowy drugstore makeup

So, since my skin has become on the drier side of combination, I’ve been all about the glowy makeup. dewy skin is a must for me, and I’ve found some really good products from the drugstore that are cheap and create a flawless look, a ‘your skin but better’ kinda vibe. Perfect for a summers day or night. As I…

Can this really be drugstore? BarryM Meteor storm Palette review

I’ve had my eye on this palette for a while now since I swatched it in store once. I’ve never had any barryM makeup before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the colours were so beautiful that I ended up buying it anyway. The colours in this palette are all metallic and shimmers and I’m always drawn to…

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