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Red glitter pond mani

It had been a while since I’d done a pond mani, and I wanted to try something other than white dots, so that’s where the idea of glitter came from. Plus, red and partly is definitely Christmassy. The red polish is from W7 and it’s part of their jelly bean range. It’s called sun kissed tangerine, which makes me feel…

BarryM Molten metals ‘gold rush’

As much as I am a great lover of nail varnish (as my name probably shows) I’ve never been the type to buy the newest thing just to have it, which makes my polish collection still quite small. I only really buy a polish if its either really unique or really shiny, so when I saw this new BarryM molten…

Pink gradient with black glitter

I had stocked up on sponges for gradients, so that was the obvious first choice of what nail art to do. I rummaged through my nail varnish and surprisingly my eyes kept drifting back to these 2 pink colours. I’m not a girl whom particularly likes pink, and I rarely ever choose to wear it, but I thought pairing it…

Leopard/cheetah print nail collab

I recently took part in a nail art collab with 4 other nail artists from Instagram, we decided the theme of our collab should be cheetah print, but we’d style it however we wanted. This is the finishing results As you can see, we all had completely different ideas on how to work leopard print into our manis. My mani,…

Clairestelle8mar:inspired by clothes(9)

I found it so hard to decide what to do these nails on. At first I was going to do them inspired by a tip I own, but couldn’t due to the fact my nails were horribly stained from the green polish in my last mani. After much Instagram research, I found this outfit on Demi location and instantly fell…

Clairestelle8mar: blue(2)

I decided this month to take part in a nail art challenge, I’m always trying to find new inspiration for nail art, and the prompts help to narrow down ideas. I looked through a few, but I followed clairestelle8 on Instagram (both accounts) and so her challenge was the obvious choice, plus the prompts were just so good!. Considering I…

Pink glittery nails with black hearts

I really wanted to do something super cute, and use some amount of pink, but not go overboard. I thought these were really cute though, and simple, as the hearts could be changed for anything. For the gradient background I used Essie ‘bikini so teeny’, China glaze ‘my way or the highway’ and w7 ‘party pick’ I think its called.…

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